Education Unlimited was conceived in the Fall of 1978 and offered its first course the following Spring. Though sponsored by the Madison County Office For the Aging, it is financially self sufficient.

Typically there are three courses offered in each academic year. Courses generally run for one hour, twice a week for two to three weeks at the Hamilton Public Library, depending on the instructors’ desires and the library's schedule. Mondays and Thursdays have been common, with the hour now set from 3:00 to 4:00. (See the Next Course tab.) Instructors are selected from the ranks of Colgate University and Morrisville State College faculty/emeriti for their teaching skills and expertise. Non-academics and professionals have also been invited to share special interests and knowledge. There is a nominal stipend for instructors of $50 per session.

A wide variety of subjects has been offered over the years: art, architecture, genealogy, Shakespeare, geology, antiques, Madison County history, gardening, computing, health, finance, literature, mythology, world religions, photography, political science, to name a few. Students are generally charged $15 per course. The decision was made at the very beginning to offer intellectually challenging programs and to charge tuition so that participants would take the course seriously. Student enrollments for each course run from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 50. Interest is always high. In order to reach an unlimited clientele, scholarships are offered to all who request them. The age of those served has ranged from teens to nineties.

Education Unlimited marked its 100th course in the winter of 2013. Besides Hamilton, participants have come from Cazenovia, Utica, Earlville, Oneida, Morrisville, Smyrna, Norwich, and other area communities.